Our New Oils Are Now Available

We are very pleased with how harmonious all our oils turned out this year. We were able to achieve high antioxidant levels while still maintaining a nice balance between pungency and fruitiness.

Our Mistral has a nice, light intensity, making it deliciously French in style. The Sierra has its usual lively intensity coming from the California mission variety.

Our Gold Series offerings are the same as last year: A Tunisian variety, Barouni, two French varieties, Aglandau and Grossane; and an Italian variety, Coratina. All these varieties do very well growing in the Mediterranean style climate of California.

We still have last year’s Sierra and Mistral on sale at $16.95. They are still tasting very fresh while having mellowed a little bit.

US News Ranks Popular Diets

US News Ranks Popular Diets

US News evaluated the 38 most popular diets with the help of diet and nutritional experts. They rated them in several different categories. The DASH diet ranked number one and the Meditteranean diet ranked number two overall. Both diets use extra virgin olive oil as their primary fat for cooking and adding to recipes. The Meditteranean diet ranked number one as the easiest to follow. The entire study is very interesting, you can read about it here.

The article includes nice recipes from the several different diets. It also ranks diets according to best commercial diets, best diets for diabetes,  and several other categories.

Simple Cooking Tips with Apollo Olive Oil

Cooking Tips From a Customer
A customer recently wrote us to say they added a cup of our Balsamic Condiment to the batter of a 150 year old cider cake recipe resulting in the cake having a new unique flavor. She said it was absolutely delicious.

Recent Customer Reviews
My favorite olive oil
We used to make our own olive oil in Tuscany. This oil may be French (Mistral) but it reminds me most closely of our oil there. It’s incredible for salads and on toast with fresh rosemary and goat cheese. It’s hard to find anything that even comes close. The biggest plus is knowing all the polyphenols are keeping me healthy and vibrant.
Christine Z.

Excellent ~ Always!
As a returning customer for a couple of years now, I know I can rely on Apollo to deliver the finest, freshest tasting olive oil. I have never been disappointed in the quality, and I especially appreciate their excellent packaging!
Mid S.

News Flash! Apollo Olive Oil makes national TV!!

The chic restaurant in the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, the Belvedere, is the only AAA 5 diamond Restaurant in all of Southern California – and they’ve been using Apollo Olive Oil for years.

In Hallmark’s recent cooking segment, Chef David Codney prepares a simple seafood dish that’s popular at the restaurant, and finishes it with Apollo’s Sierra. Check it out at: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/home-and-family/videos/potted-house-smoked-salmon-home-family

Best Wishes for a great New Year!

Holiday Special

With Apollo Olive Oil, you can send gifts by entering your good wishes in the message box during the checkout process and we will send your gift with a nicely printed card in our standard 100% recyclable packaging.

Now, in keeping with our Holiday tradition, when you place an order over $100 just enter the SUPERSAVER coupon code for a 15% discount. That’s a perfect way to stock your pantry AND do your holiday shopping.

Our gift to you: A 15% savings PLUS free shipping on any order over $100 by using the coupon code SUPERSAVER.

Good from Today through New Year’s Eve!

Oleocanthal Shown to Inhibit Melanoma

Oleocanthal is a polyphenol found in real extra virgin olive oil. It is already well documented as a very effective anti-inflammatory. In a recent study published in Nutrition and Cancer, it was also found to inhibit the growth of melanoma cancer cells. The study introduced concentrated amounts of oleocanthal into normal cells and melanoma cells and found the normal cells’ growth was regular but the melanoma cells’ growth was greatly reduced. The initial thinking is that the oleocanthal upsets the protein strains responsible for melanoma but that are not found in normal cells.

These are just initial experiments and much more study is needed to determine if consuming real extra virgin olive oil can actually have a inhibiting effect on cancerous cells. However, multiple studies in recent years all point in this direction.

New Salute Box

We are pleased to present our most economical organic oil – the SALÚTE – in a new, smaller 5 liter box. The oil is protected from oxygen by its special EVOH bag, which is better than other food-grade plastics at keeping air out and flavors in. The box protects the oil from light and includes a convenient handle and easy-to-use spigot. We expect many of you to appreciate these features in a package that will easily fit in your pantry.

False Advertising by Filippo Berio

California consumers filed a false advertising claim against Filippo Berio because their label had “Imported from Italy” but much of the oil actually comes from Spain, Greece, and Tunisia. The defense said there was a disclaimer on the back of the bottle that stated not all the oil actually comes from Italy. The judge found the lawyer’s defense unconvincing and awarded the class certification, so consumers who bought Filippo Berio olive oil from May 2010 to June 2015 can make a claim.

This is another example of the games large producers play to sell their product. If they were proud of their product, you’d think they would just state clearly what it actually is.

Healthful and Beautiful

We all know the the olive tree supplies us with healthful olives during harvest but it is equally important in the simple everyday moments of the growing season. There is something very peaceful about a well maintained traditional olive orchard. Italian landscape architect, Alice Collantoni, says that olive trees have become the most requested tree for her country home designs. They are evergreens that provide shade all year long that require comparatively little maintenance. Their gnarled trunks seem to echo our own lives where we convert our daily struggles into a healthy beauty. We connect to the olive tree because it gives us so much in all areas of life and asks for very little. Experiencing the beauty of the olive tree is one of the many reasons why we love what we do.

Below is a small olive grove in the background used within a California xeriscape with manzanita, rosemary, and a ginko tree in the foreground.

Sierra is the Best of USA

Our Sierra was one of only five oils to receive an Honorable Mention for Excellence at the international Japanese Olive Oil Price competition, jooprize.com, and was also selected as BEST of USA. We’re thrilled because this competition has a very high bar – the tasting panel is composed of world renowned olive oil experts, and every judge tastes every oil – so the examination for quality is very rigorous indeed.

2016 Award Summary

Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2016
Best Of Class, Gold Medal
California State Fair Competition 2016
Silver Medal

New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016
Gold Medal
Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2016
Best Of Class, Gold Medal
California State Fair Competition 2016
Silver Medal
Japan Olive Oil Prize 2016
Best of USA, Honorable Mention

Taste Apollo at the California State Fair
We’ll be pouring and selling these oils at the State Fair on July 8th and 9th. Hope to see you there!.