I found you through an internet search – you were the only website that focused on the key ingredients of olive oil for health. I went to many sites and not one focused as well as you on antioxidants, cold pressed, unfiltered, etc. You were singing my song!
Janice S. – Pasadena, CA

I recently learned that most olive oil in the US is not true olive oil. I was completely shocked by this, and began wondering what I was actually consuming all these years when I purchased what I thought was “olive oil”. I made the decision to never purchase store-bought olive oil again, and began researching where I could buy some authentic organic extra virgin olive oil. After a lot of consideration, I chose to purchase the Mistral Organic olive oil from your company. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my purchase! I am pretty sure, after tasting your product, that I have never had “real” olive oil before. It is very tasty – I want to put it on everything! Thank you for making a wonderful (and authentic!!) product – I will definitely be ordering from you again!
Jennifer P. – Joplin, MO

I’d like to pinch myself as I cannot believe just two states south of where I live there are olive oil producers that produce such high quality oil. I have traveled Italy many times and immersed myself in their culture and tasted their many oils. This is one top notch lively oil and maybe one that will be hard to beat in the future. Your part of California must have been blessed with just the right weather conditions last year. Top it off your quality processing methods and I feel blessed to have your Barouni olive oil. I am going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen with this one.
Clarence T., WA

I have tried to find olive oil similar in quality and flavor, but I always keep coming back to Apollo. The flavor is incredible.
Joseph W., Canby, OR

Your barouni olive oil is by far and away the best for those of us who love Greek, Turkish, and Eastern Med Cuisines. It almost eliminates the need for external seasoning at all.
Robert D., Kentfield, CA

Yesterday, my better half made a penne pasta dish that had a good ragu, fresh basil, chicken, mizthra grated cheese, and Apollo Olive Oil-Sierra.
She layered these ingredients so that each bite had some of each ingredient as was possible. It was one of the best meals ever, and it was because of the olive oil.
Apollo, http://www.apolloolive…, has received 3 gold medals, and best in class at this year’s competition at the LA County Fair International Competition and was judged elsewhere as one of the top ten in the world. They make three classic types, all incredible, all have very high polyphenols. They all are organic and extra virgin.
About $20 for 375ml, discount for 4 or more bottles. Expensive, but used sparingly, incredible.
Jerry P., Santa Monica, CA

WOW! My wife and I just finished tasting your Mistral olive oil using an old family pesto recipe. Oh my gosh! My palate was singing! I have never tasted an olive oil that possessed such a fresh exciting bouquet. Thank you for this truly amazing olive oil.
J. & K. Wojtas, Allen, TX

More than fantastic! We just received our shipment of the 3 varieties of Apollo Oil you sent us. My husband is sitting in his chair hugging the bottle of Barouni and said to tell you it is the very, very, very best olive oil ever in a million years and he’s been an olive oil lover all his life. He’s 62, so that’s a lot of olive oil, and he loves your Barouni better than any, he loves the pungent after bite, which he loves, and the bold, rich flavor.
And I love the Mistral and Sierra. … We are in heaven because of your oils …
G. & L. Lehmann, Boise, ID
PS: I have to tell you something. For over a whole year I had suffered with acid reflux and heartburn. I read how good olive oil could “fix that.” After a few days of taking 1 tablespoon a day of your oil, the acid reflux that used to wake me up all night for over a year, and the heartburn that used to bowl me over every day, went away and never came back. I had even tried all kinds of prescriptions, over the counter meds, diets and holistic remedies, but the Apollo Olive Oil knocked it right out. I can now eat things I could not eat for over a year. This is amazing to me. That was two months ago, and I still have no problems! I am positive it is absolutely effective for me in my case of completely removing heartburn and acid reflux. I have saved enough money on Tums and Pepcid to pay for the Apollo Olive Oil. It’s wonderful.
L. Lehmann

For the last year I have been a huge fan of Apollo olive oil. … At the beginning of this year I converted to the “Mediterranean diet” as I had become a typical obese American and the change is really working as the weight is slowly slipping away. The only oil I use for cooking or drizzling on salads is Apollo olive oil. As an M.D., I know the research has shown that low fat diets are generally, in the long run, completely ineffective. The key is “the right fat diet” and olive oil is the champion.
O. Stanton, Davis, CA

A teaspoon of Apollo Olive Oil relieves my sciatica. Once, the sciatica began to flare up while I was at my favorite Italian restaurant, so I took a teaspoon of the olive oil on the table with no relief. When I got home I took a teaspoon of Apollo Olive Oil and 20 minutes later the pain was gone.
G. Hartmann, Stockton, CA
Note: This testimony from one of our longest customers confirms the scientific evidence that real extra virgin olive oil can reduce inflammation.

After sampling some delicious, very unique olive oil, at a Las Vegas restaurant, we contacted our Italian friend for some recommendations. He works for Biol, the Italian International Competition for organic olive oil. He told us about Apollo Olive Oil, the first California olive oil to be recognized as one of the top ten olive oil producers in the world, and now we’re very much enjoying an olive oil unlike anything we’ve ever had.
Christine S, Tucson, AZ

(about uses for the Mistral) … I give it to my chocolate lab…about a tablespoon per day over her food. She gets so many comments on how shiny her coat is. I also rub it into her skin and paws. In this dry winter weather her skin is really dry and flaky. The nice thing about it is that if she licks her paws I don’t have to worry about her ingesting something that is going to hurt her. She loves it!
I also use it on my skin… soo much better than lotion. And grilled cheese sandwiches are 100% better with the oil instead of butter or margarine. Thanks so much for a super product!
J. Kaup
Yes! We give Apollo olive oils to our dog as well. The rash he’s had since puppyhood is under control with Apollo olive oil as a regular supplement. The vet suggested increasing the Omega 3s and 6s in his diet with fish oil, but since we know real extra virgin olive oil is supposed to have the right proportions too, I tried that first – with clear results within the week! It sure beats vet bills for dubious treatments, and it’s convenient (with no fish-oil doggy breath to deal with)!
And get this: We gave our auto mechanics some Apollo Olive Oil a few Christmas’s back. Now, every time we bring in the car for servicing, they tell us that Apollo Olive Oil beats everything hands down for treating the chronic ‘grease-monkey’ skin conditions of their trade.
Diana Stefanini, Apollo Olive Oil

… California is pressing some of the best extra-virgin olive oils to be found. Apollo Olive Oil is by far one of the stand-outs. … Right now, I’m thoroughly enjoying dipping hearty bread into the Mistral. The peppery buttery flavour and brilliant slight green hue is to die for. Simply one of the best olive oils to ever pass through my lips. That said, you can’t go wrong with the Sierra or Barouni either. Worth every cent, even if you are Canadian and the dollar is sagging at the moment.
Matthew Kadey MSc., RD, www.wellfedman.com

I’ve recently served a Provencal style Meyer Lemon cake that featured your blended Apollo Olive Oil in place of butter or other fat. What a delightful surprise! It was topped w/ a lavender honey cream. Here’s a link to the recipe, if you have not already enjoyed something similar and want to check it out. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/MEYER-LEMON-CAKE-WITH-LAVENDER-CREAM-241740 … I must confess that your oil is a happy habit.
M. McBride

I found you through an internet search – you were the only website that focused on the key ingredients of olive oil for health. I went to many sites and not one focused as well as you on antioxidants, cold pressed, unfiltered, etc. You were singing my song!