Halibut with capers, potatoes and home-made mayonnaise

Home-made mayonnaise is always a treat in itself. Again, you need a fine, gentle olive oil (bitter oils can ruin a good mayonnaise). Once you have made this mayonnaise, compare it with a supermarket brand and see if you can ever go back!

The last important ingredient here is the capers. Try to buy the ones preserved in salt, ideally from the island of Pantelleria in Sicily. It’s another case in which the real thing makes such a difference in depth of flavors .

4 Halibut filets
4 red potatoes
1 egg, fresh
2 garlic cloves
1 lemon
Apollo Mistral olive oil

Rub the fish filets with garlic. Then, leave them for 10 minutes marinating in olive oil.

Boil the red potatoes and cut them in wedges.

For the mayonnaise, put one whole egg in a deep bowl, add one teaspoon of lemon with a bit of dissolved salt. Blend with a hand blender while you very slowly add the 5 ounces of olive oil until the mayonnaise is done. Adjust salt and lemon juice to taste.

For the presentation of the dish, you can add color by adding beet juice (or the colored water after cooking beets) to half of the mayonnaise. Keep the other half yellow.

Chop some of the capers in pieces.

Saute the halibut in olive oil.

Remove the fish and saute the capers (some cut and some whole) in the remaining oil. Add lemon juice and use as a sauce for the fish.

Serve the fish with the potatoes, garnishing with chopped parsley and decorating with the two mayonnaises.