Veggie Omelette

4 servings

1 organic large yellow onion
1 organic large red onion
3 organic zucchini
1 organic head of broccoli
5 organic eggs
1 tablespoon of cream
4 tablespoons of Mistral oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Chop the onions, and put them in a 10 or 12-inch pan with the Mistral to fry.

While the onions are cooking, wash the zucchini and cut them in half lengthwise, and then slice them into pieces 1/3 of an inch long. Cut the florets off the main head of broccoli. If any one of them is substantially larger than the rest, cut it in half.

Once the onions are golden, add the vegetables, salt to taste, stir well, cover, and leave to cook for ~7 minutes at medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, break the eggs into a bowl, salt well, add pepper to taste, pour in the cream, and beat well for a couple minutes.

When the veggies are cooked, add the egg mixture, and cook for 4 minutes at medium-low heat. With a spatula, cut the omelette in quarters, and flip each one. Cook for another two minutes, and serve hot, preferably with a mixed salad.