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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Facts

  • Most oils on supermarket shelves are not extra virgin
  • The US has labeling laws addressing extra virgin olive oil but they are not enforced
  • Real extra virgin olive oil has lots of antioxidants whereas supermarket oils have little to none
  • The antioxidants in real extra virgin olive oil is what makes the Mediterranean diet so good for you
  • The US only produces 1% of the olive oil it consumes
  • Almost all of this olive oil is produced in California with a quality far superior to imported oils
  • Look for the COOC seal to guarantee high quality by highly trained olive oil taste testers
  • Apollo Olive Oil is the only oil on the internet that tests for and publishes its antioxidant levels
  • Apollo Olive Oil’s antioxidant level is three times the level found in other high quality olive oils
  • ┬áThis is because we have the only mill in the US designed to mill under vacuum which greatly reduces oxidation producing the┬ávery finest in nutrients, flavor, and antioxidants

How Apollo Olive Oil Is Made