EVOO Linked with Lower Risk of Premature Death

EVOO Linked with Lower Risk of Premature Death

A recent study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found a higher consumption of olive oil may lower risk of premature death . From the article:

    “The researchers used health data collected between 1990 and 2018 for 60,582 women     participating in the Nurses’ Health Study and 31,801 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up     Study. All participants were free of cardiovascular disease or cancer at the beginning of the study     and completed dietary questionnaires every four years. During the study period, 36,856 people     died.

    Participants were asked how often they used olive oil in salad dressings, added to food or bread,     or in baking or frying. According to the findings, people in the highest category of olive oil     consumption (more than seven grams per day) had 19% lower risk of total and cardiovascular     disease mortality, 17% lower risk of cancer mortality, 29% lower risk of neurodegenerative     mortality, and 18% lower risk of respiratory mortality, compared with those who never or rarely     consumed olive oil.”

Apollo Olive Oil is one of the few olive oils available that is certified to be 100% real extra virgin olive oil. 

EVOO Imparts Healthy Compounds to Breast Milk

EVOO Imparts Healthy Compounds to Breast Milk

A recent study from the Food Sciences at the University of Barcelona found that the polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil can cross the placenta barrier and enter the blood plasma of the fetus. They also found these polyphenols in breast milk, which can have potential benefits for the infant’s health. These studies are preliminary, done on mice in a laboratory. However, they point to the wide-ranging benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil, and will certainly be the subject of further research.

Med Diet Linked With Better Sleep

Med Diet Linked With Better Sleep

A new study from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) followed a group of 503 students from the University of Sharjah for 5 months, and had them fill out standard questionnaires about diet and sleep patterns. They found that 2/3 of those that reported good sleep patterns also adhered to the Mediterranean diet. More research needs to be done because there are many factors that affect sleep patterns, but they did feel the Med Diet improved the chances of better sleep.

Poor sleep is partly caused by increased inflammation brought on by cytokines. The Med Diet, including its large intake of extra virgin olive oil, is largely anti-inflammatory – which is why it is believed to improve sleep. The Med DIet is also rich in fruits and vegetables containing melatonin, the hormone that is known to improve sleep quality. In addition, they found that those with the sleep pattern of waking early and going to bed early had better sleep quality. This happily agrees with Benjamin Franklin’s aphorism, ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help Reduce Osteoporosis

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help Reduce Osteoporosis

The PREDIMED trial in Spain found consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the occurrence of osteoprosis by 51%. This is largely due to the polyphenol oleuropein. Osteoporosis is largely a disease caused by inflammation. Oleuropein works in three ways to reduce osteoporosis. 1) It works to inhibit enzymes that trigger inflammatory molecules (cytokines). 2) It works to reduce oxidative stress. 3) It stimulates bone forming osteoblasts rather than those that break down bone (osteoclasts). In this study only extra virgin olive oils with high polyphenol counts were found to protect against osteoporotic fractures.

Research shows olive oil can reduce harmful blood clots

Research shows olive oil can reduce harmful blood clots

Researchers at Tornoto’s Keenan Research Center found that olive oil can help reduce the formation of harmful blood clots in mice. It does this by promoting Apolipoprotein A-IV which is an important component of HDL, the good cholesterol. This component prevents blood platelets from sticking together unnecessarily. This particular protein is low in people with a risk of cardiovascular disease and high in those with less risk. Some clotting to prevent bleeding but not so much as to create a blood clot. Good levels of  Apolipoprotein help reach this ideal level and olive oil supports its formation.

The Fatty Liver Foundation – The FibroScan

The Fatty Liver FoundationThe FibroScan

The Fatty Liver Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by one of our long-term customers, Wayne Eskridge. It can be found at https://www.fattyliverfoundation.org. From the website, its mission is: “To improve the diagnosis, treatment, & support of Americans with fatty liver, NAFLD or NASH through awareness, education, screening and patient advocacy.”

One of the many beneficial pages from the site is the Noninvasive Tests page. Here we learn about the FibroScan. This is essentially a specialized ultra sound that can measure liver stiffness and liver fat. This test has been available in Europe since 2003 and was approved by the FDA in 2013. Many doctors and hospitals can offer the FibroScan test for patients who are concerned about liver disease. Early detection and natural preventative lifestyle changes are the most effective deterrents of liver disease.

Oleocanthal Can Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s

Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal as one of its main polyphenols – the one that can cause a burning sensation in the back of the throat. Researchers from the University of Monroe-Louisiana conducted a study that found oleocanthal had a modulating effect on an important part of the immune system, called C3AR1. Unfortunately, if C3AR1 becomes overactive, it causes inflammation in the brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s. Oleocanthal helps reduce this over activity and maintain the normal activity of C3AR1. This is just another reason to consume real extra virgin olive oil.

The Fatty Liver Foundation

The Fatty Liver Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by one of our long-term customers, Wayne Eskridge. It can be found at https://www.fattyliverfoundation.org. From the website its mission is: “To improve the diagnosis, treatment, & support of Americans with fatty liver, NAFLD or NASH through awareness, education, screening and patient advocacy.”

The chemistry of fat metabolism in the liver is complex but Wayne breaks it down in easy to understand terms. In his explanation he also illustrates why extra virgin olive oil actually helps restore a fatty liver to health. Visit this page for more information: https://www.fattyliverfoundation.org/olive_oil.

Wayne started the foundation after a difficult 10 year ordeal, dealing with his liver disease. During this period he gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. He is dedicated to sharing that experience with as many people as possible so they can avoid going through the same difficulties. Liver disease is a metabolic disorder that can develop over 20 years with no symptoms. It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans may have a fatty liver and yet not know it. That’s why Wayne is developing a nationwide program to inform people about an inexpensive, non-invasive FibroScan screening for fatty liver.

We appreciate all that Wayne is doing and in the coming months we will offer more information about his foundation, the connection to high quality olive oil, and the practical actions that can be taken to address the prevalence of fatty liver disease in the US.

Study Shows High-Polyphenol EVOO Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

A new study done by Yale University showed that olive oil rich in polyphenols improved endothelial function while refined olive oil did not. The conclusion was that the biophenols found in real extra virgin olive oil, but not found in refined olive oil, were responsible for the improvement. Endothelial function is the measure of how well blood flows through the vessels, and is an independent predictor of cardiovascular health and type 2 diabetes.

The study took 20 obese people, all with high blood pressure, and gave 3 tablespoons of extra virigin olive oil to half of them and 3 tablespoons of refined olive oil to the other half. After one week their systems were flushed and the groups were reversed. Neither the participants nor the conductors of the study knew who was getting the extra virgin olive oil. After the study the results showed that the endothelial function improved for both groups when taking the real extra virgin olive oil.

From the study:

“Our study demonstrated that a single dose of 50 milliliters of high-polyphenolic extra virgin olive oil, when compared with refined olive oil without polyphenols, was associated with endothelial function improvement among individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus”.

“The acute effects of extra virgin olive oil on endothelial function observed may be explained by differences in the composition of extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oils”.

Another benefit of EVOO has been recently discovered

Mycotoxins are naturally produced by certain fungi growing on many types of animal and human food, including grains and greens. They can cause motor system dysfunctions including tremors and seizures. Available treatments simply seek to strengthen the immune system, but research has discovered two lignan polyphenols that show promise – one of which is unique to extra virgin olive oil. Recent studies  show that the olive lignan is a novel lead that can prevent the neurotoxicity of these food-contaminating mycotoxins. These are just preliminary studies, but the more olive oil polyphenols are studied, the more the importance of their benefits for our health are discovered.