Harvest 2010

We have been very busy with our harvest the last two months. The crop is wonderful this year due to the mild Spring, the warm Summer and the cool Fall. Below are some of our harvest pictures. We wish you Happy Holidays and we thank you for all your support.

We recently were awarded a special distinction. Marco Oreggia, one of Italy’s premier olive oil tasters, awarded our oil a score of 94 which tied us for position 28 out of 3000 oils tasted from all over the world, Europe and Italy. He also chose us in his Best 20 olive oil producers out of over 1500 producers.

The gorgeous site of fresh hand-picked olives

The olives begin their journey

The olives make their way to the hammermill to be crushed

After being crushed the olive paste enters the malaxers to be prepared for the decanter

The beautiful fresh oil emerges from the decanter