Eat, Drink, and Be Local

This year, our little rural community around Oregon House has experienced the spontaneous flowering of a local food movement that Apollo Olive Oil is proudly supporting. It all started very simply, with a small group of local food lovers and farmers meeting to explore how we can help our own neighbors enjoy the great produce growing right here. It turned out that most of our community had no idea how many wonderful things are quietly being produced right here in the hills of north Yuba county. Our rural area is tucked far away from any large grocery stores, so it made sense to many of us to bring our neighbors together with the local food producers.

This simple, initial effort has blossomed happily into a number of creative and practical ideas that have helped our local farmers sell their produce nearby, while delivering amazingly fresh, tasty food to their delighted neighbors. Now, the tiny, local farmer’s markets are cooperating in advertising for each other. The local community center hosts a wine-tasting lunch each Saturday that features local foods and wines (where Gianni volunteers to setup, wait tables, and clean up). Several maps of the local farm and wineries have been produced for visitors to tour farms in the area, meet producers, and learn about the wealth of real, good food growing right here. All the local wineries got together and created a “North Sierra Wine Trail and Discovery Adventure” to allow visitors to experience the area’s hidden gems. And, inspired by all this activity, a few individuals have started their own roadside farm stands.

This food movement has neighbors sharing their talents, making new friendships, and strengthening the local community – besides eating better and promoting neighborly business! We highly recommend all small town communities give it a try – it is well worth the effort.

Check out the first annual Wine Trail event  THIS WEEKEND – you can come either Saturday or Sunday.

The wine-tasting lunches are on Saturdays, through Labor Day.

Finally, here’s the web site promoting our new local initiative, North Yuba GROWN.