A Seasoned Farmer Delivers a Beautiful Frantoio

We at Apollo Olive Oil have had the very fortunate experience of meeting and being able to work with some of California’s most dedicated and knowledgeable olive farmers. At 81 years old and still going strong, Antonio Isern brings 60 years of hard won wisdom coupled with intelligent innovation to his organic olive farm. He is pioneering a medium density planting scheme that uses organic methods and also allows the olive tree to blossom into its natural form. Other high density planting methods use severe pruning methods, pesticides, and chemical fertilizing. Antonio’s method could bring a Renaissance of olive farming to California that is profitable, sustainable, and organic.

Antonio also brings his internationally sought after consulting experience to help us with the orchards we manage. He specializes in a pruning technique that helps reduce the alternate bearing tendency of olive trees. This helps the olive farmer to have a more consistent production, the challenge that faces all farmers. We are grateful to have such a great resource in our own backyard.

Frantoio is one of the main varieties that Antonio grows on his farm. It is a very vigorous tree full of vitality. For the first time, we are fortunate this year to be able to offer a very limited supply of Antonio’s Frantoio of 510 bottles only available on our web site. This oil is 100% Frantoio. It is a medium bodied and complex olive oil with hints of fresh greens and a light walnut astringency. It is also very rich in antioxidants. It is a very earthy oil with a medium intensity which goes well with vegetarian dishes, fresh mushrooms, and light soups.