Apollo Wins Top Honor Internationally

It is the season when the results of the international olive oil competitions are announced. 500 olive oils were entered into the Los Angeles International Competition and only 298 received any kind of medal. There, our Mistral won a Gold medal and was also the Best In Class and our Sierra won a Silver medal. Of the 700 entries in the New York International Competition only 233 oils received medals. There, the Mistral won a Gold medal and was also the Best in Class and the Sierra also won a Gold Medal.

Our Mistral was the only oil to be awarded Best in Class in both the New York and Los Angeles competitions. It was also the only domestic oil to be awarded Best In Class in New York. Certainly, we thought these oils were excellent even before getting these enthusiastic results. Anyway, we are very pleased to see our efforts of producing top quality oils so highly awarded.

Both the Mistral and the Sierra are extremely rich in antioxidants (837 and 972 ppm respectively), which is way above the average compared to other good extra virgin oils.

This confirms our belief that it is possible to make olive oils that are very beneficial for our health and also have great flavor.

In addition, this year we produced five Gold Series mono varietal oils, of about 50 gallons each, that are equally excellent and especially rich in antioxidants (from 795 to 1,017 ppm).