The Gold Series – Grossane

As far as we can tell we are the only California producer that makes a mono-varietal from the Grossane olive. With over 20 varieties we are constantly experimenting with making some of California’s most interesting oils. With the Gold Series we choose the varieties that produced the very best oil for that particular year. This year we felt the Grossane was particularly distinctive and so we bottled a very small quantity that is only available on our website at

GROSSANE is originally from France. Our beautiful, young trees stretch across the western face of our orchard, and produce pleasant walnut, grassy, and fresh-cut vegetable flavors. With its long finish, GROSSANE is best raw, on steamed vegetables and fresh salads. (Delicate intensity – Milled December 2014 – 375 ml)

Legend has it that the GROSSANE was brought back from the crusades to the southern part of the Rhone valley. There, its plump, rosy pink and green olives are harvested for oil production, and later when the big olives have ripened black, for table olives.

[Certified Extra Virgin and Certified Organic | Free Fatty Acid: 0.25% |
682 mg/Kg polyphenols + 196 mg/Kg tocopherols = 878 mg/Kg total antioxidants]