Apollo Olive Oils Are Now Triple Certified

Apollo Olive Oils are now triple certified!

Besides our two long-held certifications – from CCOF, that our orchards, mill, and oils are all managed organically, and from COOC, that our olive oils are really Extra Virgin, by both analysis and taste – Apollo Olive Oil easily passed the nutrient analyses and met all the newly published R.A.W. Standards as well.

You can rest assured that Apollo Olive Oil is organic, extra virgin AND:

Real” – That is, safe from many angles – non-GMO, organic, our production standards and practices, the oil analysis, and with the harvest and milling date on the label (so you can always know the oil’s ‘best by date’ – two years from production for all olive oils).

Alive” – That is, with a high amount of bio-available enzymes in the currently available oils.

Whole” – That is, minimally processed (never cooked, never warmer than 80° F), organic and with a high nutrient-per-calorie density (how “rich” it is in various vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients).