Sierra Is Number One in World Olive Oil Ranking

The New York Olive Oil Competition recently compiled results from its decade-long worldwide olive oil competition. Sierra emerged tied for first as the most awarded brand globally, while Mistral secured the seventh position. Apollo Olive Oil was recognized as the 17th most awarded producer. Over the past ten years, the competition received between 700 and 900 submissions annually from around the world. For detailed results, visit

Striving For The Best!

Striving For The Best!

Here at Apollo, we’re always striving to improve the quality of our olive oil.  Last year, TEM, the Italian manufacturer of our unique milling equipment (located in Florence, Italy), developed a much more efficient and effective way to extract the valuable nutrients from the olives.  So, we jumped at the chance, and sent our centrifugal decanter drum back to Italy for the ingenious design change.

This season we’ve been using the completely upgraded and retooled decanter, and experiencing stunning results. Not only have the yields increased, but much more importantly, the oil emerging from the decanter is much cleaner, greatly improving the quality of the last milling step, filtering for clarity.  The whole process produces oils higher in polyphenols, and with much less oxidation. 

Our pursuit of higher quality oil never ends!

Going The Extra Mile In Reducing Oxidation

When we started Apollo Olive Oil, we learned that light was bad for olive oil, and urged customers to keep our oil bottles out of the light. A few years ago, we were able to shrink-wrap the bottles in a completely opaque label sleeve. Now, a recent study from researchers in Perugia, Italy found that dark glass may not be sufficient to protect extra virgin olive oil from oxidation due to light exposure. Olive oil is more subject than other types of oil to oxidation from light because of its chlorophyll content. Actually, exposure to light causes more oxidation than heat or air does, when it comes to olive oil. Researchers found that after 180 days of exposure to lighting conditions similar to those in supermarkets, the oils in dark glass began to turn rancid. The study verified that an opaque coating like ours protected olive oil the best.

Thank You!

Thank You!
We want to thank all our wonderful customers who have made this year our best year ever. Your support inspires us to continue to make one of the world’s healthiest and most flavorful extra virgin olive oils!Here are some recent reviews from some of our customers we are grateful to have. If you feel so inclined it helps us a lot to also post your review on our Google page. You can find it by going to and search for Apollo Olive Oil.

Danielle R.Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 12/25/20

This oil was professionally packaged, delivered quickly and was delicious. I gave several away and, of course, kept one for my family. I love the sustainability of this company and it’s dedication to local eco-friendly orchard managing methods in California as well as it’s nutrient preserving extraction style. This is a delicious way to enhance your diet with omegas and trace minerals. I will be purchasing again soon!

Susan B.Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 12/25/20

I received a bottle of Apollo as a gift from a friend several years ago and now purchase Apollo regularly. I love the flavor of Apollo oils and dip bread in it and drizzle it on soups, salads, roasted vegetables and pasta dishes.
Thank you, Salud 

Mark L.Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 12/24/20

The product is always consistently the best. It has great depth and the aroma is the first indicator of what to expect. Fresh bread, a little salt and pepper and your in heaven.

Sierra Wins Gold in NY

The Sierra won a gold medal at the The New York International Olive Oil Competition this year. The Mistral won a silver medal. You can view all the results at  In addition the Sierra won silver medals at the Los Angeles International Competition and the California State Fair Competiton. The Mistral won a gold medal at the Los Angeles International Competition and a silver at the California State Fair.