How Long Does My Olive Oil Stay Fresh

A frequent question we get is “How long will your oils last after opening?” The short answer is “Certainly long enough, if you enjoy the oil regularly.” Which, of course, we hope you will!

The more informative answer is “How long any olive oil lasts depends on a number of variables. Surprisingly, the most oxidative influence comes not from air or temperature, but from light. That’s why our oils are in bottles with opaque labels. Also of great importance for retaining freshness is the unusually high levels of antioxidant polyphenols in our oils, due to the unique milling equipment we have. Regarding heat, recent Greek research on EVOO in opaque containers (tin and bag-in-a-box) indicated that at 98°F extra virgin quality can last more than 100 days, and that it lasts about 120 days at 71 degrees after opening. From that, you can rest assured that summer transport temperatures aren’t critical, but keeping the bottles away from kitchen heat and enjoying the raw flavors within 3 months is a good idea.

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