The Story of our Balsamic Vinegar

The Apollo Balsamic vinegar is a real one-of-a-kind, artisanal product based on a delicious Late Harvest Riesling made by Diana in 1984, and aged in the winery cellar for the past 35 years. Through a unique process of reduction and acidification, we are able to produce about 600 bottles of Balsamic annually – for a few more years, anyway…   Unlike most balsamics on the market, the Apollo Balsamic has the complex age-carmelized grape sweetness with a hint of oak barrel aging, and just the right amount of vinegar acidity to balance those concentrated flavors.  Like authentic Italian balsamics, the Apollo Balsamic is best used sparingly as a condiment to enrich various dishes – such as fresh strawberries, salad greens, steak, cooked vegetables, or even ice cream.  

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